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Vidit Gujrathi, Vaishali R Claim Titles at FIDE Grand Swiss Chess Event


Indian chess players Vidit Gujrathi and R Vaishali achieved remarkable victories at the FIDE Grand Swiss Chess 2023 held on the Isle of Man, earning them a coveted spot in the prestigious Candidates Tournament. The Candidates Tournament is a crucial spot in determining a challenger for the reigning world chess champion. Let’s delve into the details of their outstanding performances.

Vidit Gujrathi’s Spectacular Win

Vidit Gujrathi’s victory at the FIDE Grand Swiss Chess event was nothing short of remarkable, especially considering his initial setback with a defeat in the opening round. However, Vidit displayed exceptional resilience and skill, securing the title with a convincing victory against Alexander Predke in the final round, accumulating 8.5 points out of a possible 11. Vidit’s triumph was a significant career milestone and he expressed his joy in an interview with the FIDE You Tube Channel, emphasizing the significance of winning this strong event and the opportunity to complete in the FIDE Candidates Tournament in Canada in April 2024.

A Comeback Story

Vidit’s journey to victory involved a remarkable comeback, considering his defeat in the first round, a crucial tournament in which every point mattered. He candidly admitted the he would not have bet on himself after the early setback, highlighting the immense pressure and competition he faced throughout the event.

Impressive Prize Winnings

These victories were not just about earnings titles and tournament spots. The financial rewards were substantial as well. R Vaishali was rewarded with a handsome prize purse of over 20 lakh rupees, a testament to her outstanding performance. Meanwhile, Vidit Gujrathi’s triumph was even more rewarding, with a whopping prize purse of over 66 lakh rupees. These impressive financial incentives are likely to motivate Indian chess players further.

Vaishali’s Historic Feet

In the women’s event at the FIDE Grand Swiss, R Vaishali clinched her entry into the Women’s Candidates Tournament. Vaishali’s accomplishments was secured earlier and her final game against Batkhuyag Munguntuul was a mere formality. Her brother, Praggnanandhaa, has also secured a spot in the open Candidates Tournament earlier in the year by finishing second at the FIDE World Cup.

A Monumental Victory for Vaishali

For R Vaishali, this tournament marked a significant milestone in her career. She expressed her excitement and gratitude for the experience, underscoring the importance of her win at the FIDE Grand Swiss 2023 at the women’s category.

Recognition from the Chess Community

Vidit’s achievement drew praise from fellow Grandmasters and chess enthusiasts. Hikaru Nakamura acknowledged Vidit’s often overlooked status among Indian chess players and commended his outstanding performance. Five-time world champion Vishwanathan Anand congratulated Vidit for handling the pressure effectively on the final day, showcasing his tactical prowess and resilience.

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