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WhatsApp launches ‘Stay Safe’ campaign to educate on online safety

WhatsApp launches 'Stay Safe' campaign to educate on online safety_50.1

WhatsApp has initiated a safety campaign called ‘Stay Safe with WhatsApp’ aimed at educating users about the product features that can assist them in maintaining their online safety and improving their messaging experience. The company stated that the campaign, which will last for three months, will emphasize on straightforward methods to activate WhatsApp’s safety features that can provide users with various layers of protection as they spend more time online in their day-to-day lives.

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The safety campaign launched by WhatsApp also emphasizes the significance of securing WhatsApp accounts to ensure safety and protection at all times. The campaign showcases several safety features, such as two-step verification, account blocking and reporting, privacy settings for personal information, and group privacy settings.

WhatsApp’s Two-step verification feature offers an additional layer of security to users by requiring a six-digit PIN to reset or verify their account. The campaign also highlights privacy settings that allow users to manage their personal information such as Profile Photo, Last Seen, and Online status. Users can choose who sees this information – everyone, contacts only, select contacts, or no one. The privacy settings also enable users to control their online presence by choosing who can see when they are online.

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WhatsApp launches 'Stay Safe' campaign to educate on online safety_60.1


WhatsApp launches 'Stay Safe' campaign to educate on online safety_70.1

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