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Which Country is Known as “Land of Canals”?

In a world comprising 195 countries, with 193 of them being members of the United Nations, each nation boasts its own natural wonders, including rivers, lakes, waterfalls, and canals. These natural features not only contribute to biodiversity but also play a crucial role in maintaining environmental balance. However, did you know that there is a country known as the land of canals? Let’s delve into which country holds this title and the primary reasons behind it.

What is a Canal?

A canal is a man-made waterway constructed to divert water from rivers, lakes, or reservoirs for various purposes such as irrigation, transportation, or drainage. Canals typically have artificial banks and are often equipped with locks or gates to control water flow. They play a crucial role in facilitating water distribution to agricultural lands and supporting transportation networks in many regions worldwide.

Which Country is Known as “Country of Canals”?

Pakistan is often referred to as the “Country of Canals” due to its extensive network of man-made waterways, particularly stemming from the mighty Indus River and its tributaries. These canals form the backbone of Pakistan’s irrigation system, supplying water to agricultural lands, especially in the Punjab province. With more than 70 major canals, Pakistan’s canal network plays a vital role in supporting the country’s agricultural activities and sustaining livelihoods.

Why is Pakistan known as the Land of Canals?

Now, let’s uncover why Pakistan is often referred to as the land of canals. Pakistan’s extensive network of canals, particularly those stemming from the Indus River and its tributaries, forms the backbone of its irrigation system. These canals play a vital role in supplying water to agricultural lands, especially in the province of Punjab, known as Western Punjab in Pakistan, which was part of undivided Punjab before partition.

During the partition of India in 1947, Punjab was divided into two parts, with one portion remaining in India and the other becoming part of Pakistan. Consequently, Pakistan inherited a significant portion of the canal network, particularly in Western Punjab, now known as the Punjab Province of Pakistan.

Prominent Canals in Pakistan

Some of the major canals in Pakistan include the Great Thal Canal, the Chashma-Jhelum Link Canal, the Lower Bari Doab Canal, the Sidhnai Canal, the Upper Chenab Canal, the Lower Chenab Canal, and the Haveli Main Line Canal, among others. Pakistan is home to more than 70 canals, highlighting the importance of its canal network in the country’s agricultural landscape.

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