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Who built the Red Fort? दिल्ली का लाल किला किसने बनवाया था?

Questions: Who built the Red Fort? दिल्ली का लाल किला किसने बनवाया था?

A) Aurangzeb

B) Akbar

C) Shah Jahan

D) Meer Baki

Answer: C) Shah Jahan

दिल्ली का लाल किला किसने बनवाया था?


Constructed in 1648 by Shah Jahan, the Red Fort, also known as Lal Qila in Hindi, stands as a testament to its architectural grandeur. Fashioned from red stones and situated along the Yamuna River, it faces the renowned Chandni Chowk market. Originally adorned with precious jewels, the fort fell victim to British looting during their colonial rule.

Despite lacking modern technologies, the Red Fort’s remarkable architecture reflects the historical era of Shah Jahan and serves as a witness to India’s struggle for independence. Symbolizing authority from Shah Jahan’s reign, it witnessed India’s transition to British rule and became the site of the first Independence Day celebration.

The Red Fort’s unique architectural elements, garden designs, and overall layout have had a lasting influence on subsequent structures in Rajasthan, Delhi, and Agra. After serving as the seat of the Mughal Empire for approximately two centuries, the fort eventually succumbed to British control.