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World Art Day 2023 observed on 15th April

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UNESCO’s General Conference declared April 15 as World Art Day to commemorate Leonardo da Vinci’s birthday, recognizing the importance of art in promoting creativity, cultural diversity, and information exchange. Art has always encouraged innovation and sparked discussion among individuals worldwide. However, to preserve artistic freedoms, it is crucial to safeguard the conditions that support and protect artists. This celebration is an opportunity to encourage the development, distribution, and enjoyment of art annually.

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April 15 was selected as World Art Day because it coincides with Leonardo da Vinci’s birthday. As one of history’s most celebrated artists, da Vinci has come to represent ideals such as peace, freedom of expression, tolerance, and brotherhood. Art is a multifaceted medium that fosters creativity in all forms and is valued globally. Many well-known works of art can be found in museums across the world, and art serves as an essential tool for documenting history and educating people about past cultures.

World Art Day 2023: History

World Art Day was officially established on April 15 during the General Assembly of the International Association of Art in 2012. This was the first year of celebration, and the date was chosen in honor of the renowned artist, Leonardo da Vinci’s birthday. Da Vinci has become a symbol of tolerance, multiculturalism, freedom of expression, and world peace. The inaugural World Art Day was supported by all national committees of the International Association of Art, and the event aimed to promote inclusivity by bringing together 150 artists from various countries worldwide. The celebration included conferences and extended museum hours. Outdoor art exhibitions featured various art forms such as paintings, prints, sculptures, and videos.

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