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World Athletics Day 2021: 05 May

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The World Athletics Day-2021 is observed on the 5 May. The date is subject to adjustment, the date of World Athletics Day is decided by the IAAF, however, the month stays the same as May. The first World Athletics Day was observed in 1996. The basic objective of World Athletics Day is to boost the participation of youths in athletics.

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What is the Objective of World Athletics Day?

  • The objective of World Athletics day is to increase public awareness about sports and to educate youngsters about the importance of sports.
  • To promote athletics as the primary sport in schools and institutions.
  • To popularize sports among the youth and establish a link between the youth, sport, and environmental conservation.
  • To establish athletics as the number one participation sport in schools all over the world.

Important takeaways for all competitive exams:

  • World Athletics President: Sebastian Coe;
  • World Athletics Headquarters: Monaco;
  • World Athletics Founded: 17 July 1912.

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