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World Bank Applauds India’s Effective Response to the COVID-19 Crisis Strategies

World Bank Applauds India’s Effective Response to the COVID-19: The World Bank acknowledged the Indian government’s decision to have centralised procurement, support for long-term market development and production of Emergency Medical Equipment (EME). Early export restrictions worked in its favour during the public health emergency in the country in a paper titled “India Covid-19 Procurement: Challenges, Innovations, and Lessons.”

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World Bank Applauds India’s Effective Response to the COVID-19: Key Points

  • The health ministry shared in a report detailing the difficulties, innovations, and lessons learned in the purchase of crucial medical supplies, the World Bank praised India’s efforts to combat the Covid-19 outbreak.
  • According to the report, the development of strong inter-ministerial bodies enabled the government to decide quickly on a centralised procurement to aid the states.
  • Flexible terms may be used in fast-track procurement under the current budgetary and legal constraints, and empowered groups hastened decision-making.
  • This initially permitted increased imports and later the growth of local markets, it claimed.
  • The “Covid-19 Emergency Response and Health Systems Strengthening Project” was jointly funded by the World Bank and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) for $1.5 billion (Rs 11,983.5 crore).

World Bank Applauds India’s Effective Response to the COVID-19: Highlights

  • The World Bank identified four important innovations brought about by India that contributed to the country’s successful management of the pandemic scenario.
  • These included the introduction of accelerated tendering processes and quality assurance protocols, the adoption of a whole-of-government strategy to stimulate local production that helped to significantly lower unit prices and dependency on global supplies, efficient supply chain management informed by computerised modelling to project cases and admissions for oxygen, intensive care unit requirements based on epidemiological trends, and quick quality-assured Covid commodities.

World Bank Applauds India’s Effective Response to the COVID-19: Organizations associated with state

  • HLL was chosen as the main organisation to expedite the emergency purchase of vital medical supplies during the Covid-19 epidemic in February 2020.
  • Competent laboratories include DRDO, Defense Research Development Establishment (DRDE), Aerial Delivery Research and Development Establishment (ADRDE), Labs of Ordinance Factory Board, and South India Textile Research Association then independently completed the quality assessment (SITRA).
  • The Indian government provides a favourable environment for the expansion of the domestic medical device industry, the World Bank also stated.
  • India was mostly importing ventilators at the start of the epidemic, but 25 manufacturers, including several newbies, stepped forward to create ventilators despite having inadequate financial and infrastructure resources.
  • The state supported these new business owners in producing ventilators by using a number of automotive and electrical manufacturing firms.

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