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World Nature Conservation Day: 28th July

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World Nature Conservation Day is observed on 28th July every year. The main objective of celebrating this day is to raise awareness about protecting nature and adopting best practices for conserving our natural resources. The Earth is supplied a limited amount of properties that we all rely upon each day like water, air, soil and trees.

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What are the steps to conserve the environment?

  • Use of alternative energy such as solar and wind energy.
  • Plant more trees to maintain the ecosystem and to prevent soil erosion.
  • Use the water resources in a proper way and reuse the kitchen water for watering the gardens.
  • Grow vegetation in catchment areas.
  • Reduce the usage of electricity.
  • Use recyclable and biodegradable products.
  • Ensure the recycling of wastes.
  • Try to minimize the use of cars for a shorter distance.
  • Use paper bags or cloth bag instead of plastic bags.
  • Grow your own vegetables by using organic compost.
  • Install water treatment plants and rainwater harvesting.

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