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World Organ Donation Day celebrates on 13th August

World Organ Donation Day celebrates on 13th August_4.1

World Organ Donation Day is observed globally on the 13th of August. This day is observed to spread awareness about the importance of donating organs. It also plays a pivotal role in debunking various misconceptions about donating organs. Donating organs of the deceased like kidneys, heart, pancreas, eyes, lungs, etc can help save the lives of those who are facing chronic illnesses. However, it is important to ensure those who donate their organs do not suffer from HIV, cancer, or any heart disease.

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World Organ Donation Day 2022: Theme

This year’s theme for World Organ Donation Day 2022 is “let’s pledge to donate organs and save lives”. The Day is celebrated to raise awareness of the need for donating organs and to thank donors for their life-saving contributions.

World Organ Donation Day 2022: Significance

Due to a lack of awareness, there are many false myths and fears about organ donation in the mind of potential donors. Medical science has improved by leaps and bounds over the years. In today’s era, great research has been carried out in the field of organ donation. The aim of this day is to sensitise people about organ donation so that they pledge to donate organs after death.

World Organ Donation Day: History

The first successful organ transplant took place in 1954 in the United States. It was done by Dr Joseph Murray who was also awarded Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine in 1990 for successfully carrying out a kidney transplant between twin brothers Ronald and Richard Herrick.

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