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World Rivers Day 2023 observed on 24th September


World Rivers Day, observed on the fourth Sunday in September each year, is a global celebration that underscores the immense value of our rivers and aims to raise public awareness about their significance. This year it will be marked on September 24. This annual event also advocates for the conservation and sustainable management of these vital natural resources.

History of World Rivers Day 

The inception of World Rivers Day in 2005 can be traced back to the United Nations’ launch of the Water for Life Decade, spearheaded by Canadian river advocate Mark Angelo. This day’s roots are deeply embedded in BC Rivers Day, an event initiated by Angelo in British Columbia, Canada, in 1980. While BC Rivers Day consistently occurs on the fourth Sunday of September, it serves as the inspiration for the global celebration, making the date for World Rivers Day adaptable but consistently in September.

Significance of World Rivers Day 2023

World Rivers Day carries profound significance, serving as a poignant reminder of the pivotal role rivers play in sustaining life on Earth. It fosters collaboration among governments, environmental organizations, community groups, and individuals to protect and restore rivers. This collective effort is crucial for the health of ecosystems, communities, and global economies.

The Celebration of World Rivers Day 2023

Education and Awareness

World Rivers Day serves as an educational platform to enlighten the public about rivers’ intrinsic value, their intricate ecosystems, and their indispensable role in providing clean water. Through various events, workshops, and guided tours, communities engage in a deeper understanding of their local rivers and the importance of safeguarding them.

Restoration and Cleanup

One of the hallmark activities on World Rivers Day is the collective effort to clean up riverbanks, removing debris and trash that can harm these vital waterways. Volunteers from around the world come together to restore natural habitats along rivers, mitigating the ecological damage caused by pollution and human activity.

River Festivals

In celebration of World Rivers Day, communities worldwide organize river festivals that celebrate the beauty, culture, and heritage associated with their rivers. These festivals serve as a vibrant display of the diverse ways rivers enrich our lives, featuring music, art, food, and other cultural elements.

Scientific Insights

On this day, scientists and researchers play a pivotal role in sharing the results of studies related to river health and water quality. Their work highlights the pressing issues surrounding rivers and underscores the importance of informed decision-making in river conservation.


World Rivers Day is not just a day of celebration but a call to action. It beckons individuals, organizations, and governments to recognize the vital role of rivers in our lives and to actively participate in their protection and restoration. As we mark this annual event, we are reminded that the health of our rivers is intrinsically tied to the health of our planet, making their preservation a global imperative.

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