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World Spice Congress 14th edition organized in Maharashtra

World Spice Congress 14th edition: The 14th World Spice Congress will take place in the CIDCO Exhibition and Convention Centre in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, from February 16 to 18, 2023. Spices Board India in conjunction with a number of trade and export forums is hosting the World Spice Congress during India’s G20 presidency.

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World Spice Congress 14th edition: Key Points:

  • The 14th edition of the World Spice Congress (WSC) is going to be all about and only about ‘SPICES,’ after announcing the subject. Vision 2030: SPICES (Sustainability- Productivity- Innovation- Collaboration- Excellence and Safety) has been selected as the subject for the current World Spice Congress (WSC).
  • Over a thousand delegates from more than fifty nations are anticipated to attend the 14th WSC.
  • Regulatory authorities from significant importing nations, ministers of trade, and industry associations from G20 member nations will all attend the event.
  • The World Spice Congress (WSC) event will also host an expo showcasing the advantages and skills of the Indian spice sector in addition to the business workshops.
  • The Indian spice industry’s product line, applications in the medical and health fields, innovations, and cutting-edge technology are set to be on display at the event.

World Spice Congress: About

  • World Spice Congress is the largest exclusive commercial venue for the spice industry.
  • The biannual conference is the foremost venue for debating the difficulties and possibilities facing the world’s spice industry.
  • Since its debut in 1990, the World Spice Congress (WSC) has seen 13 successful iterations over the previous three decades.

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