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World Statistics Day 2023 Celebrates On 20 October


World Statistics Day, observed every year on October 20, is a global celebration dedicated to raising awareness about the pivotal role that advanced, reliable, and high-quality statistics play in the development of nations worldwide. This article explores the history, significance, and the theme of World Statistics Day, underscoring the importance of data in shaping informed decisions and sustainable development.

National Statistics Day is celebrated on June 29 every year to recognize the contributions of PC Mahanalobis. 

The Birth of World Statistics Day

United Nations General Assembly’s Initiative

In 2015, the United Nations General Assembly established World Statistics Day, marking October 20 as a day of global significance. The primary purpose of this observance is to recognize and celebrate the remarkable achievements of national statistical systems and to underscore the profound relevance of statistics across various facets of society.

World Statistics Day 2023 Theme

The specific theme for World Statistics Day 2023 has not yet been disclosed. However, as in previous years, the theme will undoubtedly revolve around emphasizing the critical role of authoritative data and robust statistical systems in driving the sustainable development of all nations across the world.

History of the World Statistics Day

Inception of the Idea

The idea of celebrating World Statistics Day was proposed at the United Nations Statistical Commission’s 41st Session in February 2010. The commission recommended marking October 20, 2010, as the first World Statistics Day.

Official Designation

On June 3, 2010, the United Nations General Assembly adopted resolution 64/267, officially designating October 20, 2010, as the inaugural World Statistics Day. This resolution recognized the indispensable nature of producing reliable, timely statistics and indicators for informed policy decisions and monitoring the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals.

The Second World Statistics Day

In 2015, the tradition continued with resolution 96/282, as the General Assembly decided to designate October 20, 2015, as the second World Statistics Day. This marked another milestone in the recognition of the importance of statistics in shaping the world’s progress.

Significance of World Statistics Day

Promoting Data Literacy

The primary significance of World Statistics Day lies in its mission to educate and raise awareness among people about the value of accurate, credible, and error-free statistical data. In an era where data drives decisions, this observance cultivates a deeper respect for the work carried out by statisticians and other data professionals across the globe.

Informed Decision-Making

World Statistics Day underscores the critical role of data in informed decision-making. It highlights how data empowers individuals, organizations, and governments to make well-informed choices and policies that can drive the sustainable development of nations.


World Statistics Day serves as a reminder of the incredible impact of data on our world. By recognizing the importance of accurate, reliable statistics, this observance plays a pivotal role in advancing informed decision-making and the sustainable development of societies worldwide. It continues to be an occasion to celebrate the hard work and dedication of those who work tirelessly to gather and analyze data that shapes our world.

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