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World Vegetarian Day 2022 observed on 01st October

World Vegetarian Day 2022 observed on 01st October_50.1

World Vegetarian Day is celebrated on the first day of October. It also kickstarts Vegetarian Awareness Month. This global day of advocacy and awareness celebrates the benefits of vegetarianism and encourages people to reduce their consumption of animal products. The day is commemorated to create awareness about the benefits of vegetarianism like reducing the risks of heart diseases and other health complications.

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Why Celebrate World Vegetarian Day?

World Vegetarian Day celebrates the achievements and benefits of vegetarianism and encourages people to adopt a vegetarian lifestyle.

Since its inception, World Vegetarian Day has been celebrated all over the world. It is now recognized as a global celebration of vegetarianism and the benefits of a vegetarian lifestyle. World Vegetarian Day is also an opportunity to promote vegetarianism among the general public and to raise awareness about the cruelty involved in livestock production.

World Vegetarian Day is a day to celebrate both the achievements of vegetarianism and the many benefits it brings to society.

World Vegetarian Day 2022: Significance

The primary aim of the day is to create awareness about the multiple advantages of vegetarianism and support networks for vegetarians across the world. Animal slaughter on large scale requires a lot of water and other limited resources. The process emits methane and other greenhouse gases which are a big burden on the degrading environmental situation.

World Vegetarian Day: History

World Vegetarian Day was established in the year 1977 by the North American Vegetarian Society (NAVS) to highlight the surfeit of benefits of vegetarianism, including saving the lives of animals. Following this, in the year 1978, it was endorsed by the International Vegetarian Union. Since then, every year on October 1, people celebrate the day all across the world.

Today, World Vegetarian Day is celebrated in more than 180 countries around the world. It is also recognized as a national day in several countries, including Brazil, China, France, and Thailand.

Important takeaways for all competitive exams:

  • International Vegetarian Union Founded: 1908, Dresden, Germany;
  • Chair of International Vegetarian Union: Marly Winckler.

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World Vegetarian Day 2022 observed on 01st October_60.1World Vegetarian Day 2022 observed on 01st October_70.1

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