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Yatin Bhaskar Duggal Wins First Prize in National Youth Parliament Festival 2024

Yatin Bhaskar Duggal, a promising talent from Haryana, has emerged triumphant as the winner of the esteemed National Youth Parliament Festival, 2024. The announcement came during the conclusive session held in New Delhi, where Duggal was awarded the first prize for his exceptional performance.

Top Honors for Youth Excellence

  • First Prize: Yatin Bhaskar Duggal (Haryana)
  • Second Prize: Vaishna Pitchai (Tamil Nadu)
  • Third Prize: Kanishka Sharma (Rajasthan)

The recognition of these talented individuals reflects the diversity and talent spread across the nation, with participants hailing from various states.

Vision for ‘Viksit Bharat’ by 2047

Addressing the gathering, Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla underscored the pivotal role of youth in realizing the vision of a developed India by 2047, coined as ‘Viksit Bharat.’ He emphasized the importance of youth’s innovative thinking and unwavering dedication towards nation-building.

India’s Progress Trajectory

Union Minister Anurag Thakur commended the resolute voice of the youth, signifying the determination of India as a progressive nation. He highlighted India’s remarkable strides in various sectors, transitioning from a fragile economy to one of the top five globally.

Under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, India has witnessed significant socio-economic transformations, lifting millions out of poverty and transitioning into a net exporter.

Embracing Technology and Heritage

Mr. Thakur stressed the positive utilization of technology and the preservation of India’s rich cultural heritage amidst the modernization wave. He urged the youth to leverage platforms like YouTube to disseminate government policies effectively, especially in vernacular languages, thereby ensuring inclusive development.

Building Strong Leadership and Networks

The Minister urged the youth to adopt team-led leadership approaches and emphasized the significance of networking in personal and professional growth. He reiterated that the connections established today would determine the individuals’ net worth in life.

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