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’75/25′ initiative for people with hypertension, diabetes launched

Why the Scheme is in News?

The Union Health Ministry has launched a bold initiative to screen and provide standard care to 75 million individuals suffering from hypertension and diabetes by 2025. This significant announcement was made during the G20 co-branded event called “Accelerating the Prevention and Management of Hypertension and Diabetes,” which was organized by the Union Health Ministry and the World Health Organization (WHO).

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The announcement took place in the presence of Dr. V K Paul, Member (Health) of NITI Aayog, Shri Rajesh Bhushan, Union Health Secretary, and Shri S Gopalakrishnan, Special Secretary of the Health Ministry. Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the Director General of WHO, and Dr. Poonam Khetrapal Singh, Director of WHO SEARO, addressed the event virtually.

’75/25′ initiative: Ministry, Launch Year and Implementing Body

Ministry: Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

Launch Year: 2023

Implementing Body: Unon Health Ministry

’75/25′ initiative for people with hypertension, diabetes: Goal and Benfits

  • Dr. Paul highlighted the innovative program, stating that it will be the world’s largest expansion of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in primary healthcare.
  • The government’s commitment to addressing NCDs is evident through resource allocation, capacity enhancement, mobilization, and multi-sectoral collaboration.
  • With the leadership of the Hon’ble Prime Minister, India aims to become a developed nation in the next 25 years.
  • Efforts are being made to improve social indicators such as life expectancy, maternal mortality rate, and NCDs to match those of developed nations.
  • The Outcome Budget document of Union Budget 2023-2024 includes hypertension and diabetes treatment as output indicators, demonstrating the government’s commitment to expand coverage in these areas.
  • Dr. Paul emphasized that the battle against NCDs must be fought at the primary healthcare level. India has established over 150,000 Health and Wellness Centers (HWCs) and implemented telemedicine and digital health services to combat NCDs effectively.
  • To accelerate the prevention and management of hypertension, Dr. V K Paul urged state teams to adhere to screening protocols at the grassroots level.

However, he noted that screening alone is not sufficient; detection should lead to treatment outcomes. He called on all stakeholders to ensure that at least 80% of diagnosed individuals receive treatment. The involvement of the private sector and the contribution of the academic and research sectors in developing models and strategies to achieve ambitious targets were also emphasized.

’75/25′ initiative for people with hypertension, diabetes: RoadMap

Roadmap to scale up hypertension and diabetes services in primary health care

’75/25′ initiative for people with hypertension, diabetes: Vision

Dr. Paul stressed the importance of prevention, including lifestyle changes such as healthy eating, exercise, and wellness practices. He emphasized the need for a public movement (Jan Andolan) to involve communities and make these efforts more visible. Additionally, he highlighted the importance of global collaboration and sharing successful approaches in the spirit of “One Earth, One Health.”

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