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A new book titled “Gandhi: Siyasat aur Sampradaiykta” written by Piyush Babele

A new book titled "Gandhi: Siyasat aur Sampradaiykta" written by Piyush Babele_4.1

A new book in Hindi titled Gandhi: Siyasat aur Sampradaiykta (‘ Gandhi: Politics and Communalism’) written by journalist-turned-author Piyush Babele, who currently heads the Madhya Pradesh Congress’ media department. He cites extracts from Dr. Ambedkar’s book Pakistan or the Partition of India and other sources, and claims to “contextualise the developments leading up to India’s Partition in 1947 to bust the illusion spread by the Hindu right wing that Mahatma Gandhi was responsible for the Partition”.

The formal launch of the book, published by the New Delhi-based Genuine Publications and Media Private Limited, will take place in Indore at an event that former Union Minister Shashi Tharoor and former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath are expected to attend, Mr. Babele said.

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An excerpt from the book says — “Ambedkar expresses his opinion about Savarkar’s Hindu Rashtra: ‘Along with this it has to be said that Mr. Savarkar’s point of view, if not strange, is also not logical. Mr. Savarkar believes that Muslims are a different country. He even accepts that they have the right to cultural autonomy. He also allows them to have their own separate national flag. But in spite of this he does not allow a separate country for the Muslim nation. If he claims a separate homeland for the Hindu nation, then how can they oppose the Muslim nation?”

Source: The Hindu

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