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Adani Group Invests $362 Million in Local Defence Factories

Gautam Adani’s conglomerate inaugurated two defense facilities in northern India, representing an investment of 30 billion rupees ($362 million). These facilities, established by Adani Defence & Aerospace, signify India’s drive towards self-reliance in defense manufacturing.

Location and Production

  • Situated in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, spanning 500 acres.
  • Aimed at producing small, medium, and large caliber ammunition for the armed forces, paramilitary forces, and police.

Production Capacity and Targets

  • Expected to produce 150 million rounds of ammunition annually, addressing a significant portion of India’s requirements.
  • Planned to manufacture 200,000 rounds annually of large caliber artillery and tank ammunition by 2025.
  • Anticipates producing five million rounds of medium caliber ammunition annually by the subsequent year.
  • Equipped to manufacture short-range and long-range missiles.

Job Creation and Product Portfolio

  • Expected to create over 4,000 jobs.
  • Complements existing manufacturing of drones, anti-drone systems, light machine guns, assault rifles, and pistols by Adani Defence.


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