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Adidas to set up its first Asia GCC outside China in Tamil Nadu

Adidas, the renowned athletic footwear and apparel giant, is making strategic moves to enhance its global operations by establishing its first and only Global Capacity Centre (GCC) in Asia outside of China. This significant development underscores the growing trend of multinational corporations choosing India as a prime destination for setting up their GCCs, capitalizing on the country’s abundant software skills.

Setting Up in Chennai

The German corporation, headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Bavaria, is set to establish its Global Business Services (GBS) hub in Chennai. This move signifies a pivotal step for Adidas, as the Chennai facility becomes the first GCC outside of China in Asia. The choice of Chennai as the location for this hub reflects the city’s rising prominence in the global corporate landscape.

Leadership and Operations

Akhil Kapoor, designated as the vice-president – GBS global procurement and head of GBS India, will lead the operations of Adidas’ GCC in Chennai. Kapoor’s extensive experience and leadership will play a crucial role in steering the global operations of the athletic giant from the vibrant business environment of Chennai.

Strategic Importance for Adidas

The establishment of the Global Business Services hub in Chennai is a strategic move for Adidas, allowing the company to focus on key processes critical to its global operations. This initiative not only reinforces Adidas’ commitment to innovation and efficiency but also positions the company to harness the diverse talent pool available in India.

Boost for Tamil Nadu’s GCC Ecosystem

Adidas’ decision to set up its GCC in Chennai is seen as a substantial boost for Tamil Nadu’s growing GCC ecosystem. The state has witnessed an influx of global companies choosing to establish their first centres in India, with prominent names such as UPS, Hitachi Energy, ChampionX, JGC, Ashley, FleetCor, Sagent, and Udemy joining the league.

Contributing to India’s Software Skills

Adidas’ entry into India’s burgeoning GCC landscape not only signifies its trust in the country’s capabilities but also highlights the country’s attractiveness for global corporations seeking to harness the rich pool of software skills. India’s prowess in the technology sector continues to attract significant investments, further solidifying its position as a global IT hub.

Important Questions Related to Exams

Q1. Where is Adidas establishing its first Global Capacity Centre (GCC) in Asia outside of China?
a. Bangalore
b. Mumbai
c. Chennai
d. Delhi

Q2. What does the establishment of Adidas’ Global Business Services (GBS) hub in Chennai signify?
a. First GCC in Asia outside of China
b. Second GCC in India
c. Global headquarters relocation
d. Expansion of manufacturing facilities

Q3. Who is designated as the vice-president and head of GBS India for Adidas in Chennai?
a. Akhil Kapoor
b. Ramesh Sharma
c. Neha Gupta
d. Priya Singh

Q4. What role will Akhil Kapoor play in Adidas’ GCC in Chennai?
a. Chief Financial Officer
b. Vice-President of Marketing
c. Head of Global Procurement and GBS India
d. Chief Technology Officer

Q5. Why is the establishment of the Global Business Services hub in Chennai considered strategically important for Adidas?
a. To focus on key processes critical to global operations
b. To increase production capacity
c. To reduce workforce
d. To centralize marketing efforts

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