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Ahmedabad IIM sets up retail tech consortium

The Indian Institute of Management (IIM) in Ahmedabad’s Centre for Digital Transformation recently launched a retail tech consortium, with intentions to partner with a number of retail and technology companies in India. The consortium, according to the centre, will strive to improve collaboration among retail technology firms in the country.

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Key Points:

Flipkart has joined the consortium as a main partner for the first year, bringing its industry knowledge, experience, and consumer insights into the internet ecosystem to the table.
• This collaboration would bring neutral customer perspectives on retail digitalization to the fore, allowing merchants to better understand their customers.
• The retail industry has experienced considerable change in the two years after the outbreak began. Retail digitalisation has occurred at a rapid speed, affecting both online and traditional businesses.
• Consumer surveys will be conducted around the country, case studies will be prepared, field experiments and research studies will be conducted, and retail technology webinars and conferences will be held.
Inventory management, labour shortages, supply-chain logistics, and sustainable practices are just a few of the issues that most internet retailers face.
• The centre was established last year to focus on initiatives “that deepen a knowledge of the digital ecosystem and catalyse leadership, as it uses its expertise in research and development to give digital transformation thought leadership.”

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