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Akshay Urja Diwas 2022: India Observes Renewable Energy Day

Akshay Urja Diwas 2022

Every year on the 20th of August India observers Akshay Urja Diwas or Renewable Energy Day. Akshay Urja Diwas 2022 or Renewable Energy Day aims to spread awareness about the development and adoption of renewable energy in India. Akshay Urja Diwas 2022, marks its importance by promoting and lining up the alarming rate of depletion of Natural resources. This day makes people aware of the use of natural resources like wind energy, solar energy, and hydropower.

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Akshay Urja Diwas was first established in 2004 to support renewable energy development programs in India and promote the usage of natural resources. In 2004, the first event was facilitated by then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, where he released a stamp with 12000 children forming a human chain to promote the use of green energy sources. The Ministry of New & Renewable Energy Source (MNRE) planned to arrange the first informative campaign or event along with the Prime Minister of India Manmohan Singh.

Akshay Urja Diwas 2022: Objectives of the Campaign

  • The campaign aimed to target school students and college students to promote awareness with the help of the young generation.
  • Children were the main focus as they are the upcoming future of India, and it is important to make them aware first.
  • Several schools and colleges, participated in this campaign with a huge number of participation of students.
  • Under the campaign, various activities were included such as cultural programs, debates, drawing competitions, and rallies too were conducted during the Akshay Urja Diwas campaign.

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