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Bharat Pavilion Unveiled at the 77th Cannes Film Festival

Inauguration of the Bharat Pavilion, formerly known as the India Pavilion, marked a significant moment at the 77th Cannes Film Festival. The renaming reflects India’s commitment to traditional storytelling while seeking global collaborations.

Rationale Behind the Renaming

Secretary of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Mr. Sanjay Jaju, emphasized that the renaming symbolizes India’s dedication to its storytelling heritage while actively engaging in international partnerships.

India’s Role as the Sutradhar of the World

Mr. Jaju highlighted India’s position as the narrator of global narratives, emphasizing the country’s significant presence at Cannes as a testament to this status.

Impact of Indian Cinema

Acknowledging the diverse range of Indian films and the growing influence of the Indian Diaspora, Mr. Jaju emphasized the soft power of Indian cinema and its ability to transcend borders.

India’s Return to Cannes Competition

Celebrating India’s participation in the Cannes Competition, Mr. Jaju commended the Indo-French co-production “All We Imagine as Light” by filmmaker Payal Kapadia, signaling the festival’s role in fostering international collaborations.

Cannes: More Than Fashion and Red Carpets

Indian Ambassador to France, Jawed Ashraf, highlighted the festival’s significance beyond glamour, emphasizing its role in showcasing the best of global cinema and nurturing future talents.

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