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Centre forms Expert Panel to revise anti-discrimination Guidelines on Campuses

The Union Education Ministry on 2nd August constituted an Expert Panel to revise anti-discrimination guidelines with respect to the Scheduled caste, ST, OBC, person with disabilities and other minorities in higher educational institution.

Objective of the Expert Panel

The primary objective of the expert panel is to undertake a comprehensive review of existing anti-discriminatory policies and practices on campuses, identifying gaps and shortcomings and propose improvements.

Working of the Expert Panel

Expert Panel constituted by the Union Education Ministry performs the following function:

  • The panel will assess the efficiency of current anti-discrimination guidelines with respect to the SC, ST, OBS and other minorities in higher education institutions and examine their implementation.
  • Based on the findings, the panel will propose necessary revisions and updates to the existing guidelines.
  • The panel will emphasize the importance of embracing diversity and fostering a culture of inclusivity that respects individual differences.
  • The panel will work to encourage individual to report incidents of discrimination.

What is the need for revising anti-discrimination guidelines?

Many institutions have witnessed the incidents of discrimination, harassment and bias. These acts not only undermine the educational experience but also have profound and lasting effects on the mental and emotional well- being of those targeted.

By revising anti-discrimination guidelines, the government seeks to address these challenges and ensure that colleges and universities uphold principles of fairness, respect and understanding.


The government’s decision to form an expert panel will significantly reflects a progressive and committed approach towards promoting equality and inclusivity in education. This will bring a great change in the education system.

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