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China Becomes the Largest Importer of Indian Broken Rice

Increase in Export of Broken Rice from India to China

China has emerged as the largest importer or buyer of broken rice from India. China takes over the largest importer of broken rice in India, which were the African countries. During the pandemic, China took the lead as the largest importer of broken rice in India. 7.7 percent has been imported to China which is 16.34 lakh metric tonnes, and India’s total export is 212.10 Lakh metric tonnes in the year 2021-2022.

According to the analysis of the trade, out of 16.34 LMT, 96 percent of the rice exported to China was broken rice. China has become the top buyer of broken rice from India. The total export for basmati and non-basmati altogether was 212.10 LMT in 2021-2022, which is 19.30 percent higher than the earlier export in 2020-2021 which stood at 177.79 LMT. During this time export of broken rice to China from India increased from 3.31 LTM to 16.34 LMT.

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India’s rice export in the year 2020, 2021 and 2022

In 2021-2022, the total export of rice from India for Basmati rice was 38.48 LMT, which has decreased from the export of 2020-2021, which was 46.30 LMT. non-basmati rice has the largest share in the Indian export of rice. In 2021-2022, other than Basmati rice, the export of rice was 172.56 LMT, which is an increase compared to the last year 2020-2021, which was 131.48 LMT, an increase of 31.27 percent. In 2021-2022, 38.64 LMT of broken rice was exported to 83 countries from India, and from these 83 countries, China imported 15.76 LMT which made 476.40 percent more than 2.73 LMT.

Trade Expert Analysis

According to the trade experts, the sudden increase in the import of rice from China from India is a result of an increase in the production of noodles and wine. The former president of All India Rice Exporters Association said that China has sent a delegation to India and visited several rice mills before the outbreak of Covid-19 to increase the import of broken rice from India. The experts also analyzed other reasons for the increase in the import of rice from India can be the increasing price of Maize.

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