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Chinese Company Space Pioneer Successfully Launches Tianlong-2 Rocket into Orbit

Space Pioneer Makes History with Tianlong-2 Rocket Launch

Chinese company Space Pioneer has achieved a historic milestone in space exploration, launching its Tianlong-2 rocket into orbit from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in Inner Mongolia on April 2. This marks the first time a liquid-fueled rocket has been launched into orbit by a Chinese aerospace firm, and the first time a startup has successfully reached orbit on its initial attempt. The Tianlong-2 rocket, also known as “Sky Dragon-2,” has enabled Beijing Tianbing Technology to launch a small satellite named “Love Space Science” to a polar orbit around Earth. The satellite will test its remote sensing capabilities from this sun-synchronous orbit.

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Tianlong-2 Rocket: Capable of Carrying 2 Tons to Low Earth Orbit

The three-stage Tianlong-2 rocket is capable of carrying 2,000 kilograms (2 tons) to low Earth orbit or 1,500 kg (1,5 tons) to a 500-kilometer-altitude sun-synchronous orbit. The rocket is fueled by coal-based kerosene, making use of three YF-102 gas generator engines that deliver a thrust of 193 tons at take-off. The Beijing Tianbing Technology Co. has stated that the rocket adopts a “three flat and one vertical” test and launch mode, enabling liquid rocket launch from a simple cement field. This innovation provides a solid foundation for large-scale launches.

China’s Commercial Space Sector: Over 20 Private Rockets to Launch This Year

In 2014, President Xi instructed China’s air force to accelerate the integration of air and space capabilities, marking the country’s commitment to the space race. This led to the birth of China’s commercial space sector, with over 20 private and commercial rockets expected to be launched from China this year. Beijing Tianbing Technology Co. plans to improve its reusable large liquid carrier rockets, heavy liquid carrier rockets, and manned space shuttles. The company aims to use advanced aerospace propulsion technology and service solutions to enable orbital transportation and intercontinental transportation, and to help China’s commercial rockets enter the era of big payloads and green aerospace. This will allow aerospace technology to benefit people’s livelihoods and the lives of ordinary people.

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