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CID Full Form, Its Branches, Functions and Ranks

CID Full Form, Crime Investigation Department

The Crime Investigation Department, CID full form, constitutes a vital component of the state police services in India. Its pivotal role involves the investigation of crimes, ensuring safety and upholding the legal framework. This article will explore the complete form of CID, its responsibilities, various branches and the functions it performs in maintaining law and order.

What is CID?

The CID, or Crime Investigation Department, is a specialized branch of state police services in India responsible for investing various schemes. It operates similarly to the Criminal Investigation Department of the British police-military unit. The CID acts as a non-government organization (NGO) and focuses on combating corruption and crime. It is instrumental in safeguarding our society from criminal activities.

Historical Background of CID

The first Crime Investigation Department was established in 1902 by the British Government. In 1929, it was divided into Special Branch, Crime Investigation Department and Crime Branch (CID-CB).

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Functions of Crime Investigation Department (CID)

CID performs a wide range of functions, including:

  1. Investigation of Crimes: CID investigates various types of cases, including mail robbery, dacoity, drug-related offenses, forgery, fraud and organized crime that extends beyond district boundaries.
  2. Special Orders: For particularly complex or serious crimes, the Inspector-General can issue special orders and CID provides assistance.
  3. Foreign Criminal Affairs: CID aids local authorities and police in dealing with criminal cases involving foreign individuals or entities.
  4. Criminal Intelligence: It uses a criminal intelligence system to improve crime detection, prevention and prosecution. It maintains criminal records.
  5. Rescue Operations: CID participation in rescue operations for criminal cases like human trafficking and provides post-rescue victim care in allocation with non-government organizations.
  6. Dog Squad: CID maintains a dog squad to support district and Special Branch units in various activities, including locating criminals, explosives and narcotics.
  7. Information system: it ensures that records, returns and reports are submitted to central and state government agencies on time.

CID Branches and Units

CID comprises various specialized units and branches to handle different types of cases. Some of these include:

  • CB CID (Crime Branch CID): Focused on solving complex criminal cases.
  • Anti-Narcotics Cell: Combats drug-related crimes.
  • Anti-Terrorism Wing: Deals with cases involving terrorism.
  • Anti-Human Trafficking & Missing Person Cell: Addresses issues of human trafficking and missing persons.
  • Fingerprint Bureau: Utilizes fingerprint analysis for investigations.
  • Bank Frauds: Investigates fraudulent activities in the banking sector.
  • Dog Squad: Utilizes trained dogs for assistance in investigations.
  • Human Rights Department: Ensures human rights are protected during investigations.

Eligibility to Become a CID Officer

To become a part of the CID, individuals must meet certain eligibility criteria, which may vary depending on the role they aspire to fulfill:

  • Indian citizenship is a prerequisite.
  • Officers or Sub Inspectors typically require a degree from a recognized institution.
  • Constables usually need a 12th-grade or Higher Secondary Certificate.
  • Aspiring officers must clear the Indian Civil Services Exam.
  • Essential qualities include sharp observational skills, excellent memory, sound judgement and the ability to work efficiently in a team.

Ranks in CID

In the CID, there are different ranks, just like in any organization. These includes:

  • Sub-inspectors
  • Inspectors
  • Superintendent
  • Additional Director General of Police
  • Inspector General of Police

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What is the full form of CID?

Crime Investigation Department, CID full form, is an essential part of the state police services in India.

When was the first Crime Investigation Department established?

The first Crime Investigation Department was established in 1902 by the British Government. In 1929, it was divided into Special Branch, Crime Investigation Department and Crime Branch (CID-CB).

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