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Comet Pons-Brooks: The Celestial Phenomenon of April 2024

Comet Pons-Brooks, currently orbiting near Jupiter, is captivating astronomers and stargazers alike as it approaches its closest point to the Sun on April 21, 2024. Its increasing brightness and elongating tail make it a spectacle in the night sky, visible even to the naked eye.


Comet Pons-Brooks, with a 71-year orbit around the Sun, presents a rare viewing opportunity. However, as it nears the Sun, its visibility will diminish due to solar glare. Senior astronomer Dr. Shashi Bhushan Pandey notes that it will be observable in the western sky after sunset.

Visibility and Brightness

Currently situated closer to Jupiter than the Sun, the comet is approximately 155 million kilometers away from Earth. On April 21, it will reach its brightest point during its “Perihelion Passage.” Subsequently, it will approach Earth, becoming fainter but still observable from various locations until June 2, when it will be around 232 million kilometers away.

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