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Data Privacy Day observed on 28 January 2023

Data Privacy Day observed on 28 January 2023_4.1

Data Protection Day, or Data Privacy Day 2023

Data Protection Day, or Data Privacy Day, is celebrated on January 28. The aim is to create more awareness about the right to data protection and the various ways in which people can keep their data more safe. Let’s first understand the history and significance. The world is slowly but steadily moving towards digitisation, but this also means our data is becoming more vulnerable. This year, leading organisations are expected to invest heavily in updating more robust cybersecurity policies and procedures, enabling security automation, and monitoring attack surfaces.

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The theme for this year is ‘Think Privacy First’. In this digital age, it is pragmatic to prioritize data privacy, both for individuals and businesses.

History and Significance of Data Protection Day

Data Privacy Day is observed, January 28, to raise awareness of the value of online privacy, which has been proclaimed a fundamental right of a citizen.  The Council of Europe on April 26, 2006, decided to coin a Data Protection Day and announced that it will be observed each year on January 28, the day on which the Council of Europe’s data protection convention, known as “Convention 108,” was opened. Data Protection Day is now observed worldwide and is known as Privacy Day outside of Europe. This day is now celebrated globally to raise one of the most important issues of the digitally advancing world. The main goal of the day is to educate people on the challenges and inform them of their rights to privacy.

10 Ways to Protect Your Personal Information and Data

  1. Always use storage with data protection with built-in disk clustering and redundancy.
  2. Always create copies of data and store them separately, to be able to restore data in case of loss or modification.
  3. Always review data privacy settings on digital, and social media accounts and apps you use.
  4. Regularly change passwords to keep hackers away and use passwords that are 10 characters long with complex combinations.
  5. Make sure to only use devices with the latest firewalls and anti-virus software.
  6. Turn off Bluetooth devices when not in use as Bluetooth devices can also leave personal data vulnerable which could be accessed by hackers in several ways.
  7. Always keep your operating system updated to ensure that they have the latest performance and security updates.
  8. Avoid using unsecured public networks as they may be vulnerable to breach and in some cases, they may be imposter networks waiting to steal your data.
  9. Always secure personal info offline on a device that doesn’t connect to the internet to make sure it is safe and away from the reach of hackers.
  10. Make sure to set up Two-Factor Authentication on all your financial and email accounts.

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Data Privacy Day observed on 28 January 2023_5.1


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