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Delhi Police launches “Thermal Corona Combat Headgear”

Delhi Police launches "Thermal Corona Combat Headgear"_4.1

Delhi Police has launched an equipment “Thermal Corona Combat Headgear” in collaboration with Indian Robotics Solution (IRS). This equipment has been launched to protect the frontline corona warriors from the COVID-19. This unique equipment enables the police personnel to detect temperature of a large number of people from a distance of 10-15 metres and also helps in enforcing social distancing norms.

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“Thermal Corona Combat Headgear” enables the frontline workers to scan people without coming in close contact with them in public areas such as hospitals, supermarkets and crowded areas. It has also the facility of sending live imagery to a centralised control centre. Along with this, the Delhi Police has also launched “Thermal Corona Combat Drone (TCCD)”. It has can help in seeing the real image of the personnel with the help of day-vision camera fitted with the drone. It also consist of a loudspeaker for giving instructions.

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Delhi Police launches "Thermal Corona Combat Headgear"_5.1

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