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DRDO Hands Over Medium Range-Microwave Obscurant Chaff Rocket to Indian Navy

The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) handed over the Medium Range-Microwave Obscurant Chaff Rocket (MR-MOCR) to the Indian Navy in a ceremony held in New Delhi. This rocket creates a microwave obscurant cloud in space, forming an effective shield against threats with radio frequency seekers.

Technology and Development

  • Microwave Obscurant Chaff (MOC): Developed by DRDO’s Defence Laboratory in Jodhpur, this technology obscures radar signals, creating a microwave shield around platforms and assets to reduce radar detection.
  • Special Fibres: The chaff rocket is composed of fibres with a diameter of a few microns, possessing unique microwave obscuration properties. When fired, these fibres form a persistent microwave obscurant cloud in space.

Trials and Effectiveness

  • Phase-I Trials: Conducted on Indian Navy ships, demonstrating the MOC cloud’s persistence in space.
  • Phase-II Trials: Showed a 90% reduction in Radar Cross-Section (RCS) of an aerial target, with the results cleared by the Indian Navy.

Handover and Acknowledgment

  • The MR-MOCR units, meeting all qualification requirements, were handed over by DRDO Chairman Dr. Samir V. Kamat to Rear Admiral Brijesh Vashistha, Director General of Naval Armament Inspection.
  • Both officials praised the Defence Laboratory, Jodhpur team for their significant achievement and swift development of this strategic technology.

DRDO : Key points

Establishment: Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) was established in 1958.

Head: The current Chairman of DRDO is Dr. G. Satheesh Reddy.

Headquarters: DRDO is headquartered in New Delhi, India.

Mandate: It is tasked with the development of technologies related to defence and security.

Research Areas: DRDO works on various domains including missiles, aeronautics, electronics, armaments, and more.

Structure: It operates through various laboratories and establishments across India.

Achievements: DRDO has developed several indigenous defence technologies and systems.

Collaborations: It collaborates with academia, industry, and international entities for research and development.

Leadership: Besides the Chairman, DRDO is overseen by the Ministry of Defence, Government of India.

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