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England’s Leicester Cricket Ground named after Sunil Gavaskar

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England’s Leicester Cricket Ground has been named after India’s legendary cricketer, Sunil Gavaskar. The Leicester Cricket Ground, the ownership of which lies with Bharat Sports and Cricket Club, has decided to name the ground after Gavaskar to acknowledge his immense contribution to uplifting Indian Cricket to a certain height.

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There has been a ground already named after Sunil Gavaskar in the Kentucky area of the United States of America (USA) and there is another ground going through its finishing touches in the Zanzibar area of the African nation Tanzania which is also named after the former Indian opener.

About the Sunil Gavaskar:

  • The former Indian cricket team captain Gavaskar is often considered one of the most skilled batters ever. He was the first cricketer to score 10,000 runs and once held the record for most number (34) of centuries.
  • During the 70s and 80s, when West Indies were ruling world cricket, Gavaskar was impressed with his impressive technique against the Windies’ fast bowlers. He was also part of the Indian team that won the 1983 World Cup.
  • Sunil Gavaskar later also became the first-ever Batter in the history of test cricket to cross the tally of 10,000 runs. His great contemporary G. R Viswanath was a more stylish player. But the compactness and precision of Gavaskar’s batting made watching him a delightful experience.

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