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FIFA appoints Indonesia as U-17 World Cup host


In a significant achievement for Indonesian sports, the Ministry of Youth and Sports has warmly welcomed FIFA’s decision to choose Indonesia as the host country for the upcoming U-17 World Cup. The announcement has sparked excitement and optimism among officials and sports enthusiasts alike. Minister Ariotedjo (Minister of Youth and Sports), expressed his gratitude and outlined the next steps to ensure a successful event.

Collaboration with Football Association of Indonesia (PSSI)

Minister Ariotedjo emphasized the importance of collaboration and synergy with the Football Association of Indonesia (PSSI) to ensure a seamless preparation for the U-17 World Cup. The Ministry intends to invite PSSI officials to engage in fruitful discussions regarding the championship’s organization and administration. By leveraging the expertise and experience of PSSI, Indonesia aims to deliver a world-class event that will leave a lasting impression on players, officials, and spectators.

Ensuring Success on All Fronts

As preparations for the U-17 World Cup commence, Indonesia understands the need for meticulous planning and execution. Minister Ariotedjo stressed the importance of focusing on various aspects to guarantee the success of the event. These aspects include organizational efficiency, seamless administration, and maximizing the economic impact generated by the tournament. By prioritizing these areas, Indonesia aims to create an unforgettable experience for players, officials, and spectators, while also reaping the long-term benefits for the country’s sports and economic landscape.

Aligning with President Jokowi’s Vision

The decision to host the U-17 World Cup aligns with President Jokowi’s vision of utilizing international sporting events to benefit the national economy. Minister Ariotedjo highlighted that hosting such high-profile tournaments not only enhances Indonesia’s global image but also contributes to regional economic development. The influx of visitors, investments in infrastructure, and promotion of tourism are expected to create numerous opportunities for economic growth in the host regions.

Faith in Indonesia

The tournament is scheduled to take place from November 10 to December 2 of this year. The hosting rights were initially granted to Peru in 2019 but were later withdrawn due to concerns over the country’s infrastructure conditions. The decision to award Indonesia as the host reflects FIFA’s confidence in the country’s capabilities to organize the prestigious event.

About Indonesia

  • President:: Joko Widodo
  • Currency: Rupiah

Important takeaway for competitive examinations

  • Brazil is the current champion of FIFA U-17 World Cup
  • Current President of FIFA is Gianni Infantino
  • Headquarter of FIFA is located in Zurich, Switzerland


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