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General Manoj Pande Inaugurates High-Tech IT Lab at Academy of Armed Forces in Uzbekistan

During his visit to Uzbekistan from April 15-18, 2024, Chief of the Army Staff, General Manoj Pande, marked a significant milestone in bilateral defense cooperation between India and Uzbekistan by inaugurating a state-of-the-art IT Laboratory at the Uzbek Academy of Armed Forces. This initiative stems from a commitment made during the Defence Ministers’ meeting in September 2018, highlighting the growing partnership between the two nations.

Strengthening Military Cooperation

During his visit, General Pande engaged in discussions with First Deputy Minister of Defence, Major General Khalmukhamedov Shukhrat Gayratjanovich, focusing on enhancing military cooperation between the Indian and Uzbek Armies. This interaction underscores the commitment to bolstering strategic ties and fostering mutual understanding.

Development of IT Lab

The establishment of the high-tech IT Laboratory is a collaborative effort between India and Uzbekistan, with Indian assistance facilitating its inception. Equipped with cutting-edge technology and funded through the Ministry of External Affairs’ ‘c’ initiative, the Lab is poised to enhance training resources for the Uzbek armed forces, promoting technological advancement and cooperation between the two nations.

Operational Excellence and Collaboration

Despite initial budget constraints, the project gained momentum and was successfully executed within the allotted timeframe. An Indian firm won the contract and ensured the Lab’s full operational readiness, showcasing the commitment to excellence and collaborative partnership between India and Uzbekistan.

Milestone in Bilateral Relations

General Pande’s visit and the inauguration of the IT Laboratory underscore a significant milestone in the defense cooperation between India and Uzbekistan. This initiative not only strengthens bilateral ties but also reinforces the commitment to mutual growth and development in the realm of defense technology and cooperation.

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