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Global Remote Work Index, India among world’s worst countries

In a significant shift in the global remote work landscape, India has been ranked 64th out of 108 countries in the Global Remote Work Index (GRWI). This marks a substantial decline of 15 places from the previous year, raising concerns about the country’s readiness for remote work.

Global Remote Work Index (GRWI) Criteria

The GRWI, developed and published by cybersecurity firm NordLayer, evaluates countries based on four fundamental criteria crucial for remote work success:

  1. Cyber Safety
  2. Economic Safety
  3. Digital and Physical Infrastructure
  4. Social Safety

India’s Weaknesses in Digital and Physical Infrastructure

India’s remote work challenges are largely rooted in subpar digital and physical infrastructure. The nation ranked 77th in this category, indicating that its e-infrastructure is among the least developed globally (95th position). India’s internet services, although widely available, are plagued by issues of cost (78th) and quality (70th), hampering remote work efficiency.

Social Safety Concerns and Isolation

India’s social safety indicators have raised concerns, with the nation appearing to be one of the most isolating countries worldwide. This is attributed to a low personal rights index (88) and an environment lacking inclusiveness (65), which can hinder the remote work experience.

Cyber and Economic Safety at Average Levels

In the domains of cyber safety and economic safety, India’s performance remains middling, with rankings of 56 and 55, respectively. While the nation boasts a reasonably robust cyber infrastructure (13th position) and a decent response capacity (19th position), there is room for improvement.

India’s Cost-Effective Advantage

Despite its remote work challenges, India remains one of the most cost-effective destinations, with the third-lowest cost of living. However, its healthcare system ranks poorly at 93, potentially impacting the well-being of remote workers.

Top 10 Countries Leading in Remote Work

Meanwhile, The top 10 countries which scored the highest on the Global Remote Work Index (GRWI) are

  1. Denmark,
  2. Netherlands,
  3. Germany,
  4. Spain,
  5. Sweden,
  6. Portugal,
  7. Estonia,
  8. Lithuania,
  9. Ireland, and
  10. Slovakia.

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