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Google faces charges from EU for engaging in anti-competitive adtech practices

Google faces charges from EU

Google’s adtech business may have to be sold to address concerns around anti-competitive practices, according to the European Union. In a statement of objections, the commission highlighted practices such as favouring Google advertising services, which could result in the payment of a fine amounting to 10% of the company’s annual global turnover.

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Google faces charges from EU: Key Points

  • Around 79% of Google’s total revenue is generated by advertising, with its 2022 advertising revenue totalling $224.5bn.
  • The company has disagreed with the commission’s charges and has a few months to respond. It could also potentially settle by offering stronger remedies than previously proposed.

EU investigation:

Vestager confirmed that investigations into Google’s privacy sandbox and plan to limit access to its advertising identifier for third parties on Android will continue.

  • The charge has been welcomed by the European Publishers Council, which filed a complaint to the Commission in 2019.
  • The Commission accuses Google of favouring its own display advertising technology services over those of its competitors to the detriment of advertisers and publishers. Google holds 28% of global ad revenue.
  • The company sought to settle the case within three months of the investigation’s launch, but regulators found the pace and concessions offered to be inadequate.

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