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Google partners with Assam Government to power digitalled learning

Google partners with Assam Government: In order to help and expedite the Assam government’s objective to foster digital growth and development in the State, Google inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). As part of this new initiative, Google will work with the Assam Government’s Skill, Employment & Entrepreneurship Department (SEED) to strengthen school digitization efforts with digital tools and solutions to support teaching and learning, as well as to promote the fundamentals of online safety and digital citizenship to schoolchildren through the “Be Internet Awesome” programme.

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Along with providing scholarships, Google will work with the Assam Skill Development Mission to offer Google Career Certificates to young people in Assam (ASDM).

Google partners with Assam Government: Empowerment of public schools through digital education

Using the collaborative technologies of Google for Education, provide digital education to public schools. With teacher preparation and certification, Google for Education will support digital learning in schools all over Assam and work with the State to digitise education. All teachers and students in the State will have access to Google Workspace for Education – Fundamentals, the company’s digital learning platform. Primary school kids can safely and independently acquire and develop their reading abilities with the help of Google’s “Read Along” programme.

Google partners with Assam Government: Google Career Certificates scholarships

Scholarships for Google Career Certificates for youth. Google will work with ASDM to offer scholarships and all-encompassing training to help youngsters meet the demand for digital talent. In high demand industries including IT Support, IT Automation, Project Management, Data Analytics, UX Design, and Digital Marketing & Ecommerce, the programme will assist qualified candidates in pursuing Google Career Certificates. Through a recruiting pool that accepts the certifications, these learners will also have access to firms who have a continuous need for these abilities.

Google partners with Assam Government: Promotion of Digital Citizenship

Through the “Be Internet Awesome” campaign, encourage digital citizenship and online safety across all schools. With the use of an interactive curriculum, Google will provide teachers with the training they need to teach children the skills they need to be safe and smart online.

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