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Granting of Geographical Indication (GI) Tag to Matti Banana Variety of Kanniyakumari District

The Matti banana variety native to Kanniyakumari district has been granted a Geographical Indication (GI) tag. These bananas thrive uniquely in the district’s climate and soil, resulting in a larger-than-human finger-sized fruit with a sweet aroma and honey-like taste.

Unique Characteristics of Matti Banana Variety of Kanniyakumari District:

Thriving Exclusively in Kanniyakumari’s Climate and Soil Conditions.

Distinctive Attributes:

  1. Size and Taste: Matti bananas are slightly larger-than-human finger-sized fruits with a sweet fragrance and honey-like taste that remains unmatched outside their native region.
  2. Variety Diversity: There are six distinct types of Matti bananas, each boasting unique qualities in terms of color, aroma, and flavor.

Hybrid Innovation:

The Semmati Banana – Beneficial for Child Growth and Suitable for Diabetics

  • Origin: A hybrid creation blending Matti and Red bananas.
  • Advantages: Possesses qualities that contribute to child growth and is also suitable for individuals with diabetes.

Complex Factors Shaping Uniqueness:

1. Genotype-Environment-Microbiome Interaction (G×ExM): Experts Emphasize the Role of Environment in Genetic Expression

  • The interaction between genes, environment, and microbiome plays a crucial role in shaping the expression of genetic traits.
  • The environment’s influence on gene expression highlights the profound connection between genetics and the surroundings.

2. Multifaceted Distinctiveness: The Confluence of Various Factors Creating Matti Banana’s Uniqueness

  • Humidity, Water, and Temperature: Specific environmental conditions contribute to the distinct growth of Matti bananas.
  • Soil Composition and Nutrient Balance: The composition of the soil and the balance of nutrients further contribute to the banana’s exceptional attributes.
  • Complex Interplay: The intricate interplay of these factors forms a complex web that results in the exceptional qualities of Matti bananas.

Challenges in Replication:

The Complexity of Factors Makes Reproducing Matti Banana’s Traits Difficult

  • Attempting to replicate the qualities of Matti bananas in other regions becomes challenging due to the multifaceted nature of the factors involved.
  • No single factor can be isolated to reproduce the same characteristics, underscoring the uniqueness of the native environment.

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Granting of Geographical Indication (GI) Tag to Matti Banana Variety of Kanniyakumari District_4.1

Granting of Geographical Indication (GI) Tag to Matti Banana Variety of Kanniyakumari District_5.1