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Honesty Shops has been opened in Kerala

Honesty Shops have been opened in 15 schools in the Ernakulam district of Kerala. The Honesty Shops are a part of the Student Police Cadet (SPC) project which aims to provide valuable lessons on truth, and integrity for students. In these honestly shops there is no salesman at the counters and students can drop the money for each item in the collection box kept in the shop.

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Key Points related to Honesty Shops

  • The honesty shops have been launched under the Student Police Cadet (SPC).
  • The SPC project was conceived to inculcate better civic sense among students and mold them as responsible youth.
  • The objective of the Honestly shops is to provide students a chance to experience the virtue of honesty.
  • The schools have switched off the CCTV facilities towards the shop to instill confidence among the students.
  • The honesty shop has mainly school-based items such as notebooks, pens, pencil boxes, erasers, chart papers, and other essentials.
  • Cynthia Poulose, Community Police Officer at the Government Higher Secondary School in Chowara informed that they have kept items below ₹10 to encounter more students to participate in the project.

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