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IBM and NASA Collaborate to Convert Satellite Data into High-Resolution Maps Using AI

IBM and NASA Collaborate to Convert Satellite Data into High-Resolution Maps Using AI_4.1

International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) and National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) have introduced a new geospatial foundation model that can transform satellite data into detailed maps of floods, fires, and other landscape transformations. These maps can provide insights into the Earth’s history and offer glimpses into its future. The collaborative effort aims to make this geospatial solution accessible for preview in the latter half of this year. The platform’s potential applications include estimating climate-related risks to agriculture, infrastructure, and buildings, assessing forests for carbon-offset initiatives, and assisting businesses in developing strategies to address and adapt to climate change by employing predictive models.

A new geospatial foundation model unveiled by IBM is designed to enable first steps toward this goal by converting NASA’s satellite observations into customized maps of natural disasters and other environmental changes. The model, part of IBM’s watsonx.ai geospatial offering, is planned to be available in preview to IBM clients through (EIS) IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite during the second half of this year. Potential applications include helping to estimate climate-related risks to crops, buildings, and other infrastructure, valuing and monitoring forests for carbon-offset programs, and developing predictive models to help enterprises create strategies to mitigate and adapt to climate change.

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The collaboration between NASA and IBM aims to simplify the analysis and interpretation of vast NASA datasets pertaining to Earth processes, making it more accessible for researchers. This joint effort aligns with NASA’s Open-Source Science Initiative (OSSI), which seeks to foster an inclusive, transparent, and collaborative open science community in the coming decade.

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IBM CEO: Arvind Krishna (6 Apr 2020–);
IBM Founders: Herman Hollerith, Thomas J. Watson, Charles Ranlett Flint;
IBMHeadquarters: Armonk, New York, United States;
IBM Founded: 16 June 1911.

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IBM and NASA Collaborate to Convert Satellite Data into High-Resolution Maps Using AI_5.1


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