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IIT Kanpur to develop low-cost portable ventilator

IIT Kanpur to develop low-cost portable ventilator_4.1

Amidst the rising cases of COVID-19 in the country, the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)-Kanpur is developing portable ventilators which will be significantly cheaper than the ones available in the market. The prototype of this ventilator will be ready very soon and just after assembling, it can be used as a life support system. The ventilator is a very important medical equipment for COVID-19 Patients, especially those who are old and the virus can prove fatal to them.

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About the lifesaver portable ventilator:

The BioScience and BioEngineering department of IIT Kanpur has prepared a design of lifesaver portable ventilator. Two graduates from the institute Nikhil Kurule and Harshit Rathore who are running a start-up called “Nocca Robotics” incubated at IIT Kanpur, have developed a prototype for the portable ventilator. IIT, Kanpur has formed a nine-member team, including doctors from Narayana Institute of Cardiac Sciences (NICS), Bangalore to vet the prototype following which the start-up will get around 1000 portable ventilators ready within a month.

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