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IIT Madras joins Inspire Institute of Sports for innovative boxing analytics software

IIT Madras joins Inspire Institute of Sports: IIT Madras researchers and Inspire Institute of Sports in Karnataka have joined forces to create the analytics platform “Smartboxer.” To boost India’s boxing medal total at the 2024 Olympics, advanced boxing analytics software is being created. IIT Madras’ Center of Excellence for Sports Science and Analytics is responsible for creating the multi-version software.

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IIT Madras joins Inspire Institute of Sports (Smartboxer): Key Points

  • It will use wearable sensors and cameras with Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities to deliver feedback and performance evaluations.
  • Inspire Institute of Sport will use “Smartboxer” to evaluate the boxers’ performance (IIS).
  • The “Smartboxer” analytics platform will be modified in response to IIS’s suggestions. This will make it possible for coaches and boxers to benefit from the programme in a useful way.
  • IIT Madras, the research involves combining IoT-based sensors and video cameras to deliver analytics regarding player performance.

IIT Madras joins Inspire Institute of Sports (Smartboxer): MOU

In order to make India self-sufficient in sports technology and high-performance sporting goods, IIT Madras and the Sports Authority of India, SAI, inked an MoU.

  • The MoU was signed during a two-day conference with the theme “Innovative Technological and Sports Sciences Practices for High Performance in Youth Sports” that was held in Panchkula, Haryana, the first week of June 2022 by the National Centre for Sports Sciences and Research in collaboration with the Sports Sciences and Analytics Center of IIT Madras.

IIT Madras joins Inspire Institute of Sports (Smartboxer): Utilising IoT-based Products

It entails utilising IoT-based Products like:

  • gloves with sensors to measure punch force
  • Wireless EMG sensors monitor movement in the player’s lower body while a pressure sensor in the insole of the player’s foot records ground reaction force.
  • Player’s upper body movement will be recorded by an inertial measurement unit.
  • Video cameras installed in the boxing ring can distinguish between a player’s left and right arms and categorise their motions as an assault, defence, or feint.

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