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Important Dates and Days GK Questions 2022

MCQs on Important Dates and Days

Important dates and days are important to learn for the students preparing for competitive exams like UPSC and SSC. Several important days are observed and celebrated all over the world. These days are celebrated on a specific day to observe a specific event. In this article, we have included MCQ GK questions with solutions on important days and dates.
1. What is celebrated on 10th December?
a) Human Rights Day
b) World Malaria Day
c) Mother’s Day
d) World Hindi Day
Solution 1: a) Human Rights Day
2. International Women’s day is celebrated on which day?
a) 4th July
b) 3rd October
c) 10th March
d) 08th March
Solution 2: d) 08th March
3. On which month World Immunization Week is celebrated?
a) January
b) April
c) May
d) December
Solution 3: b) April
4. When is Earth Day celebrated?
a) 22nd April
b) 22nd March
c) 22nd February
d) 22nd October
Solution 4: a) 22nd April
5. When was International Yoga day first celebrated?
a) 21st June 2012
b) 21st June 2015
c) 21st June 2012
d) 20th June 2015
Solution 5: b) 21st June 2015
6. Which summit initiated Tiger Day?
a) Saint Petersburg Tiger Summit 2010
b) Saint Petersburg Tiger Summit 2016
c) Saint Petersburg Tiger Summit 2005
d) Saint Petersburg Tiger Summit 2000
Solution 6: a) Saint Petersburg Tiger Summit 2010
7. When is World Post Office day celebrated?
a) 10th October
b) 09th October
c) 03rd October
d) 15th October
Solution 7: b) 09th October
8. What is celebrated on 27th September?
a) World Teacher’s Day
b) World Students Day
c) World Arthritis Day
d) World Maritime Day
Solution 8: d) World Maritime Day
9. Which day is celebrated as National Girl Child Day?
a) 26th January
b) 14th February
c) 24th January
d) 14th July
Solution 9: c) 24th January
10. National science day is celebrated in the honor of whom?
a) A.P.J Abdul kalam
b) C.V. Raman
c) Vikram Sarabhai
d) Ashok Sen
Solution 10: b) C.V. Raman

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