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India Achieves Milestone as the 13th Nation to Issue Globally Recognized OIML Certificates

In a significant development, India has joined the ranks of countries authorized to issue International Organisation of Legal Metrology (OIML) certificates. The announcement was made by the Union Consumer Affairs Ministry on September 14 in New Delhi, marking a pivotal moment in India’s metrological capabilities.

India’s New Authority:

Consumer Affairs Secretary, Rohit Kumar Singh, revealed that this newfound authority would have far-reaching implications. Here’s how:

1. Encouraging Weighing and Measuring Instrument Makers:

  • Singh emphasized that this move would serve as an invitation to weighing and measuring instrument manufacturers to operate in India.
  • Both domestic and global manufacturers can now have their weighing and measuring instruments tested within the country, opening doors for international market sales.
  • Previously, testing had to be conducted in one of the 12 countries, including China and Japan.

2. Economic Benefits:

  • This development is expected to generate significant economic advantages for India.
  • Singh highlighted that by offering testing facilities for international manufacturers, India would not only generate revenue but also create employment opportunities.

3. Long-standing Membership with OIML:

  • India’s membership with the OIML dates back to 1956, demonstrating the country’s commitment to international metrological standards.
  • With this new authority, India can issue internationally accepted OIML certificates for weights and measures, enabling the sale of such products worldwide.

4. Facilitating International Trade:

  • OIML Pattern Approval certificates are mandatory for selling weights and measures in the international market.
  • The Department of Consumer Affairs in India can now issue these certificates, streamlining the process for domestic and international manufacturers.

5. Cost Savings for Domestic Manufacturers:

  • A significant benefit for domestic manufacturers is the ability to export their weighing and measuring instruments globally without incurring additional testing fees.
  • This translates to substantial cost savings, making Indian products more competitive in the international market.

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India Achieves Milestone as the 13th Nation to Issue Globally Recognized OIML Certificates_4.1

India Achieves Milestone as the 13th Nation to Issue Globally Recognized OIML Certificates_5.1