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India partially resumes visa services for Canadians

The India-Canada relationship faced difficulties due to a dispute over the killing of a Sikh separatist in British Columbia. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau alleged that Indian agents were involved in the incident, causing tension.

Temporary Suspension of Visa Services

  • As a result of the strained ties, India suspended visa services for Canadians worldwide.
  • The High Commission of India in Ottawa and Indian consulates in Toronto and Vancouver temporarily halted these services, citing “safety and security considerations.”

Resumption of Visa Services

  • India has now decided to resume visa services for four categories: entry, business, medical reasons, and conferences. Emergency cases will continue to be considered.

Continuing Evaluation of the Situation

  • The statement from the Indian mission mentioned that the next steps in this matter would be determined based on an ongoing evaluation of the situation.

Diplomatic Tensions

  • Indian External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar explained that the visa services were suspended because it was no longer safe for Indian diplomats to issue visas in Canada.

Diplomatic Parity and Staff Withdrawal

  • Canada recently withdrew 41 of its 62 diplomats from India after India demanded parity between the two countries’ missions.
  • This withdrawal was due to India’s move to strip Canadian officials of diplomatic immunity, which was seen as a risk to their personal safety.

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