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India, Saudi Arabia To Start Military Exercise SADA TANSEEQ From Jan 29-Feb 10


The inaugural joint military exercise, Sada Tanseeq, between the armies of India and Saudi Arabia, is poised to commence in Rajasthan, showcasing a significant leap in bilateral relations between India and Saudi Arabia. Scheduled from January 29th to February 10th, 2024, Sada Tanseeq signifies a landmark collaboration, epitomizing the growing strategic partnership between India and Saudi Arabia.

Participation and Representation

The Saudi Arabian contingent, comprising 45 personnel, is being represented by the esteemed Royal Saudi Land Forces. Simultaneously, the Indian Army contingent, also consisting of 45 personnel, proudly represents a Battalion from the Brigade of the Guards (Mechanised Infantry).

Key Objectives of Sada Tanseeq:

Fostering Interoperability

Sada Tanseeq aims to bolster interoperability and mutual understanding between the Indian and Saudi Arabian armed forces, enhancing their joint operational capabilities.

Combat-Ready Approach

With a primary focus on counter-terrorism operations mandated by the UN, the exercise underscores the commitment of both nations towards regional security and stability.

Strategic Location

Conducted amidst the rugged terrain of Rajasthan, Sada Tanseeq provides an ideal setting for simulating real-world scenarios and honing tactical skills.

Personal Interaction

Beyond tactical maneuvers, Sada Tanseeq facilitates meaningful interactions between field commanders and soldiers, fostering camaraderie and trust.

Several key activities slated for the Exercise:

Establishment of Mobile Vehicle Check Post

Troops will practice setting up and operating mobile vehicle check posts, essential for maintaining security and control over strategic areas.

Cordon & Search Operation

This activity involves systematic search operations within a designated area to locate and neutralize potential threats.

House Intervention Drill

Troops will undergo training in close-quarters combat techniques, crucial for operations in urban and built-up environments.

Reflex Shooting

Emphasizing quick reaction and precision, reflex shooting drills will enhance the troops’ marksmanship skills.

Slithering and Sniper Firing

Specialized training in slithering from helicopters and sniper firing will further augment the capabilities of the participating forces.

Building on Past Success: Exercise Al-Mohad Al-Hindi

In addition to Sada Tanseeq, past joint endeavors like Exercise Al-Mohad Al-Hindi have paved the way for enhanced maritime security cooperation between India and Saudi Arabia. This naval exercise, focused on tactical maneuvers and search and rescue operations, showcased the commitment of both nations towards ensuring maritime security in the region.

Important Questions Related to Exams

1. Where is the joint military exercise “Sada Tanseeq” taking place?
2. What is the primary emphasis of Exercise Al-Mohad Al-Hindi?

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