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K.M. Cariappa Janayati 2024, Know Everything About Him

K.M. Cariappa Jayanti 2024

On January 28, we celebrate the birth anniversary of Field Marshal Kodandera M. Cariappa, the inaugural Commander-in-Chief of the Indian Army. Recognized as a national hero, Cariappa’s pivotal role in shaping the Indian military from colonial to independent India remains revered. His leadership during a crucial transitional phase established a robust and efficient military establishment. Cariappa’s election marked a significant milestone in the evolution of India’s defense sector. His enduring legacy serves as a beacon of inspiration, emphasizing the values of discipline, leadership, and unwavering dedication to the nation. Explore more about K.M. Cariappa below.

Who was K.M. Cariappa?

Field Marshal K.M. Cariappa was born on January 28, 1899, in Shanivarsanthe, Coorg province, into a farming family of the Kodava clan. Known affectionately as ‘Chimma,’ he pursued his education at Central High School in Madikeri and later attended Presidency College in Chennai. Inspired by the opportunity to serve in the army, Cariappa applied for training and was admitted to the Daly Cadet College in Indore, graduating seventh in his class.

K.M. Cariappa’s Illustrious Career

Cariappa’s military career spanned nearly three decades, beginning with his service in the British Indian Army post-World War I. He rose through the ranks, becoming the first Indian officer to attend the Staff College in Quetta and later commanding the 1/7 Rajputs, the first Indian to lead a battalion.

During World War II, Cariappa distinguished himself in the Middle East and Burma, becoming the first Indian to command an Indian Army battalion. Following Independence, he served as the Deputy Chief of the General Staff and orchestrated strategic operations to reclaim key areas in Kashmir.

Legacy and Contributions

Cariappa’s legacy extends beyond his military achievements. He advocated for the welfare of ex-servicemen, establishing the Indian Ex-Servicemen’s League (IESL) in 1964 and playing a crucial role in resettlement initiatives. His commitment to national security and the welfare of soldiers remained unwavering throughout his life.

K.M. Cariappa’s Passing and Posthumous Honors

After retiring in 1953, Cariappa served as the Indian High Commissioner to Australia and New Zealand until 1956. He passed away on May 15, 1993, leaving behind a legacy of dedication and service. In recognition of his outstanding contributions, the Government of India posthumously conferred upon him the rank of Field Marshal on April 28, 1986.

Awards and Decorations

  • General Service Medal 1947
  • Indian Independence Medal
  • Order of the British Empire
  • Burma Star
  • War Medal 1939-1945
  • Indian Service Medal
  • Legion of Merit (Chief Commander)

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Q4. When did K.M. Cariappa pass away?

Q5. What honors and awards were conferred upon K.M. Cariappa posthumously?

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