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Indian Army Heads To Australia For Joint Military Exercise AUSTRAHIND-23


In a significant development following the India-Australia 2+2 summit, an Indian Armed Forces contingent, comprising personnel from all three services, embarked on a journey to Perth for the second edition of AustraHind-23 – a collaborative military exercise between the two nations. This joint exercise, spanning two weeks from Nov 22 to Dec 6, aims to enhance inter-operability and conduct multi-domain operations in urban and semi-urban terrains, adhering to the United Nations peacekeeping operations protocol.

Composition of the Indian Contingent: A Tri-Service Collaboration

  • The Indian contingent comprises 60 personnel from a battalion of the esteemed Gorkha Rifles of the Indian Army. Additionally, an officer from the Indian Navy and 20 personnel from the Indian Air Force are part of this diverse team.
  • Reflecting the collaborative spirit, the Australian side will also field representatives from all three services, with the Australian Army contingent boasting 60 personnel from the 13th Brigade, and 20 personnel each from the Royal Australian Navy and Royal Australian Air Force.

Objectives of AustraHind-23: Focusing on Inter-Operability and Tactical Operations

  • The primary focus of the joint military exercise is to promote inter-operability between the Indian and Australian Armed Forces.
  • Participants will engage in multi-domain operations, simulating scenarios in urban and semi-urban environments.
  • This aligns with the United Nations peacekeeping operations protocol, emphasizing the importance of collaborative efforts in ensuring global peace and security.

Training Curriculum: Sniper Firing, Surveillance, and Tactical Actions

  • AustraHind-23’s training curriculum encompasses a wide array of military skills and tactics. Participants will engage in sniper firing exercises, showcasing precision and marksmanship.
  • Joint operations involving surveillance and communication equipment will be a key component, aiming to achieve a high degree of situational awareness in complex scenarios.
  • The exercise will also include rehearsals for casualty management and evacuation procedures, essential skills in real-world military operations.
  • Tactical actions at the company/battalion level will be rehearsed to enhance the overall readiness and coordination of the combined forces.

Strategic Significance: Strengthening Bilateral Military Relations

  • The joint military exercise comes on the heels of the recent 2+2 meeting between India and Australia, where both nations underscored the importance of their bilateral military relations as a “core pillar” in their comprehensive strategic partnership.
  • This joint effort reflects the commitment of both countries to fostering mutual understanding and cooperation in the defense realm.

India-Australia 2+2 Dialogue

Exploration of Defense Cooperation: Air-to-Air Refueling and More

  • At the 2+2 meeting, discussions extended beyond the joint military exercise. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh and Australian Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Richard Marles explored potential agreements, including air-to-air refueling of military aircraft.
  • The two sides also delved into avenues for cooperation in hydrography and advanced warfare domains, specifically anti-submarine and anti-drone warfare.
  • AustraHind-23 not only serves as a platform for enhancing the operational capabilities of the Indian and Australian Armed Forces but also stands as a testament to the strengthening defense ties between the two nations.

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