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India’s first plastic project listed by EKI Energy Services Ltd

India’s first plastic project: EKI Energy Services, a developer and seller of Carbon credits, announced that it is the first company to list an Indian plastic project (India’s first plastic project) under a global accreditation standard. With this, the Indore-based carbon credit specialist, EKI Energy Services, who has worked in the field of climate action and offset solutions for the past 14 years across 16 countries, became the first company to ever list a plastic project from the nation with the goal of creating India’s first-ever international plastic credits.

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India’s first plastic project: Key Points

  • The project by EKI Energy Services makes sure that plastic waste, primarily Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) waste, PET flakes, and chips, are properly sourced and recycled to create Recycled Polyester Staple Fibre (RPSF).
  • Recycled Polyester Staple Fibre (RPSF) can then be used in the textile industry for clothing and other utility products made of fabric.
  • It will motivate numerous additional projects around the nation to build up their recycling efforts in a planned manner for plastic credits financing that can enable and support greater climate action.
  • All participants in the collecting and recycling process, from ragpickers to recycling facilities, will be empowered by such a value chain.
  • The project has been accredited by Verra, a Washington-based organisation, under their Plastic Waste Reduction Standard.

About EKI Energy Services:

Solutions for climate change, carbon credits, and sustainability are offered by EKI Energy Services Limited. The business provides training for quality control and management, as well as carbon credit, asset management, carbon footprint management, sustainability audits, and carbon credit. Worldwide consumers are served by EKI Energy Services.

EKI Energy Services: Important Takeaways

  • CMD & CEO, EKI Enery Services: Manish Dabkara

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