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India’s Q3 FY24 GDP Surges to 8.4%: Exceeds Expectations

India’s GDP for the third quarter of FY24 experienced a significant acceleration, reaching 8.4% year-on-year growth, as reported by the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation on February 29. This growth surpassed analysts’ predictions, who had anticipated a figure below 7%.

Key Highlights

1. Sharp Acceleration in Q3 GDP Growth:

  • GDP growth surged to 8.4% during the October-December quarter of FY24, marking a substantial increase from the 4.3% recorded in the same period the previous year.

2. Exceeds Analysts’ Expectations:

  • Analysts had forecasted a growth rate below 7%, but the official data revealed that India’s economy continues to expand rapidly, outperforming expectations.

3. Improvement from Previous Quarter:

  • Q3 GDP growth surpassed the 7.6% recorded in the preceding quarter, highlighting a notable improvement in the economy’s performance.

4. Sectoral Contributions:

  • The construction sector recorded double-digit growth at 10.7%, while the manufacturing sector exhibited a robust growth rate of 8.5%, contributing significantly to the overall GDP growth in FY24.

5. Key Drivers of Growth:

  • The stellar performance in the construction and manufacturing sectors has been identified as pivotal factors driving the remarkable 8.4% GDP growth in the third quarter of the ongoing financial year.


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