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Intellect Design Arena launches “iTurmeric Fincloud” platform

Intellect Design Arena launches "iTurmeric Fincloud" platform_4.1

iTurmeric FinCloud” is a cloud-ready, API-first, microservices-based platform which has been launched by the Intellect Design Arena Ltd, a full spectrum banking and insurance products company. This platform has been launched through IBM public cloud. This platform will enable the new digital banks’ systems to be tested and run in isolation or in parallel with core legacy systems. The platform comprises of various facilities such as retail banking, lending, origination, and corporate banking API.

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As most of the banks worldwide are burdened with legacy platforms and hampering them from taking part in the experience economy. For these banks the “iTurmeric FinCloud” platform will be very beneficial as it will provide banks a very unique way of progressive modernisation, using Turmeric tools without the risk of rip and replacement. Hence with the help of this platform, these banks will continue to run without interruption or compromise.

Important takeaways for all competitive exams:

  • Chairman & Managing Director of Intellect Design Arena Limited: Arun Jain.

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Intellect Design Arena launches "iTurmeric Fincloud" platform_5.1

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