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International Firefighter’s Day 2022

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International Firefighter’s Day is observed every year on May 4th to pay respect to those firefighting experts who have lost their lives in the line of duty. The main aim of this day is to recognise and honour professional firefighters across the world. They keep the community and the environment safe by sacrificing their lives for the riskiest jobs.

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History of the Day:

A tragic incident in Australia’s Linton led to the establishment of International Firefighters Day. This historical accident happened on December 02, 1998, which led to the taking of the lives of 5 firefighters. Therefore, a proposal was passed on January 04, 1999, to honour the firefighters who lost their lives on duty.


The significance of this day is to prevent fire and improve intensive and thorough training. On this day, people across the world express their gratitude by making donations, charity work, campaigns for the firefighters and medical treatment for the firefighters. The symbol for this day is red and blue. The colours signify red for fire and blue for water, which is mostly used for emergency services.

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